“Discipline is the art of facing infinity without flinching.”
Carlos Castaneda, The active side of infinity
“One must not abolish death – but rather the fear of death”.
Susanne Steines, Translucid

Did you ever imagine what it would really mean to live your biological material life eternally? Millions and billions of years? Since middle school, I have asked myself: what is scarier, death or living eternally? Can you imagine to keep buying food and toilet paper eternally? (Just kidding…) Homo sapiens always imagined a possibility of an eternity – but all those biological, material needs have not been part of this imagination. Quite the opposite: the idea of infinity hints towards a spiritual existence beyond the material, a spiritually active force behind all actualizations as quantum physics puts it, an active side of infinity.

Facing infinity, facing death without flinching – a new kind of mental discipline is needed today.
We don’t have to abolish death – we have to abolish the fear of death.

In my last four blogs the topic of fear of death and that of the promise of eternal life made by transhumanism are omnipresent. I repeatedly noted the potential of transhumanist’s abuse of the human fear of death. I proposed an Intellectual Humanism to raise awareness in all of us humans as we face the rise of technological transhumanism. This might have been interesting to our intellectual readers as I talked about intellectual enlightenment with reference to German philosopher Immanuel Kant. Today, I risk to turn off the intellectual readers as I will talk about spiritual enlightenment. Clearly, we will have to overcome the separations of these two aspects of the human mind in order to get the complete picture of what we are as human beings and what we are capable of. Quantum physics has shown us an elegant intellectual way to accept that the whole cosmos is based on spiritual processes that lead to specific actualizations and materializations. Let’s keep walking this way further.

Right now, through the presence of the corona virus, we are living with the presence of death and with the fear of death, unavoidably, daily. We can see what this fear of death is doing to us, day by day. And we might be experiencing the abuse of our fear of death. Many of us are wondering if there is not a more reasonable way to control the pandemic other than confining people to almost permanent house arrest. Most of us are stuck all day behind the computer for work and leisure, chatting endless hours with friends and family, putting together within a couple of weeks an astonishing data-base of most personal information. Really? Is anybody saving all of our daily gibberish? It might be. It might reveal a lot of you.

And what about the physical aspects of confinement, the getting used to not freely move our body in nature or in the streets, getting used to not dancing together, not eating together, not laughing together, getting used to sitting behind a screen all day, to have all our social contact through artificial intelligence (yes, through our computers, apps, smart phones, games)? What about the “promised” apps for tracking infected people through their cell phone? Are we so scared of corona death that we would be fine with being tracked all day long by Google? Probably. On the other hand, would we as free-spirited members of democratic societies have allowed all of this without questioning or protesting if there was no fear of death? Quite obviously, for any political leader or organization who would want to establish a system of control and repression it would be the perfect moment right now. Who would be interested in doing that? Any organization, state, leader, group who seeks absolute power and control. And there are many in many different countries. 

The installation of control systems in public spaces, the control of our private life through mobile devices and social media is going on since a long time. How often do we find a commercial on our screen that relates exactly to the last whatsapp conversation we had or to the last google search we did? All our private information can be used for much more than to study our consumer habits (what the manipulation of democratic elections through social media has shown). Transhumanism is run and sponsored by the big international social media firms and is a topic in many countries. Fact is that we face the corona virus confinement in the same year in which for the first time genetically engineered neural tissue has been connected to artificial intelligence (see article in the translucidmind.com archive for Neuroscience, New study allows brain and artificial neurons to link up over the web https://neurosciencenews.com/brain-artificial-neural-link-15793/ ). This means that artificial intelligence can soon be connected directly to neurons in the living human being. What is presented to us as a medical milestone for the cure of mental or neurological diseases, could be the start of a nightmare: AI could at some point very soon completely control our brains. Your innermost thoughts and feelings deep inside your brain could be externally directed and controlled which is the same as ceasing to exist as the individual human being that you are. 

Translucidmind is collecting the news in neuroscience every week, selecting enlightening articles about the nature of the human brain and at the same time watching the scientific developments which are crucial to transhumanism. This way we are building an archive of available information (which certainly is not all that is really going on in neuroscientific and genetic research), collecting relevant articles of all the steps toward the human-robot hybrid, toward the possible extinction of the human species and the creation of a new species of humanoid robots which transhumanists call a “higher version” of the human. 

The corona crisis seems, in fact, a perfect moment for anybody aspiring absolute political power.  Therefore, it is a key moment for all humans who do not want to be permanently controlled and sooner or later end up as a transhuman robot hybrid. The most enticing thing about the transhumanist movement is the promise of eternal life, the avoidance of death – which is, clearly, let’s face it, anyway impossible. Death will come sooner or later, also for a humanoid robot. So, all it takes for us humans is to stay strong and disciplined in the face of death. Spiritual schools, religions, shamanism all over the world have been trying to teach us how to climb the steps to spiritual transcendence, how to glance through the gates of death and get an idea of a spiritual existence. Some call what comes beyond the everything, some call it the nothingness namely Nirvana – which is never nothingness as it always contains a promise of new creation: Cosmic creation which we are part of. This awareness exists in many cultures, it comes to life in moments of epiphany, joy of love, religious practices, meditation, prayer, or in rare moments of palpable experiences of another dimension in some shamanic cultures. Nowadays, there are even atheist intellectuals and cosmo-physicists reflecting on a spiritual eternity based on recent scientific, cosmological knowledge, calculating, wondering and pondering.

You will have to die sooner or, on a cosmic scale, just a little bit later. Get used to it. We all wish for a long life, 80 years, maybe 90, 100 or a healthy 120,130? Maybe. Fine. Without transhuman technology much more won’t be possible. With transhuman technology you won’t be you anymore, yourself, your soul, your integrity – where will the You end where will the robot start? Whatever ingredients of your actual self are going to be used for a techno-hybrid with your body parts and some of your genetic and neural memories – they will fall apart sooner or later, as well. 

There is no other way to overcome death of a material biological being then facing death now, at any moment, in life, as deep as you can. The deeper you get into this awareness the closer you get to the light. Take a gentle breath, exhale all the air from deep down your lungs, roll up your eyes, close them and focus on the light within as you breath (as we suggest in translucidmind.com, LIGHT UP YOUR BRAIN
We might have a direct contact to an intentionally creative intelligent awareness beyond ourselves, we might be existentially connected to it – an all connecting intelligent cosmic creative force, spiritual not biological.

It has been called creative energy, god, eternal light, divine consciousness, or just love. Through love we connect with our environment, nature, the sky, the stars, the cosmos and with other humans, at best with the rest of humanity. Through love we can experience the “petite mort”, the little death of the orgasm and the longing for eternal love. We humans have a premonition of transcendent eternity, we have a thrive for eternity in us, for that eternity that starts beyond the bliss of what the French all “la petite mort”, beyond the nirvana of deep meditation or the trance of dance. We do not know what that eternity is, and we do not have words nor signs. What we do have are accounts of moments of undescribed joyfulness, of epiphany, of humble surrender in laughter or tears, of blissful silence and the creative timelessness, endlessness that lies beyond. It is this unfathomable infinity, the transcendence that humanity has a vague idea of. It has been explored by gurus, shamans, poets, popes, rabbis, sufis, yogis and by secret societies. Let’s make it available to everybody. Enough with the secrecy. Let’s explore it together as humans and become the enlightened humanity now.

Ten key acknowledgements for enlightened humans – intellectually and spiritually:

  1. Humans are humans. Robots are robots. A hybrid is a hybrid. 
  2. These times are about the dignified elevation of humanity, our global human civilization.
  3. Partisanism, secrecy, separatism, nationalism and egoism are outdated. 
  4. Planet earth is humanity’s home and we have to take care of it together.
  5. Our human body is our temple. Each of us has to take good care of it.
  6. Death is unavoidable. Use your time properly. Mozart died age 35, immortal.
  7. Enlightenment is for everyone, spiritual and intellectual.
  8. Better be a dead enlightened human than a dead robot hybrid.
  9. Find the light inside and connect through it with all humans. The light is manifested as love, as respect: Respect your neighbor as much as you respect yourself – no more and no less.
  10. Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated. Take the famous golden rule literally in every situation. Sit with it. Meditate on it. Practice it. Practice empathy. Share. Share more. Stop self-importance.

This is a very interesting time. In the midst of global crisis of coronavirus – and not to forget, the much more demanding global climate crisis – this could be the dawn of a new, highly aware global humanity, the dawn of homo iluminatus, of an enlightened humanity rising above the materialistic homo sapiens and the tecnological transhuman hybrid.


Copyright Susanne Steines. 15th of April 2020. 

(Please excuse bumps in the English text. This time I wrote it directly myself in English as time and actuality did not allow for translation.)