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The Book

Translucid art, synchronicities, serendipities, quantum weirdness, scientific findings, historic events, artistic inspirations, cornerstones of life, spiritual considerations – the book Translucid is much more then an art catalog of 25 years of work, it is a personal introduction to a the origins of the project translucidmind by the founder Susanne Steines. Every new chapter starts with Quotes by important thinkers of highly translucid minds and a poem by the artist.



  • Translucidmind Art and Essay
  • Text and artwork by Susanne Steines
  • Translated from German to English by Mark Pettus PhD at Princeton University
  • 300 pages
  • First edition 2019
  • Carteles y Editores, Oaxaca, México

Hardcover bound with thread stitching with a blue ribbon page marker. 250 copies,


Price : 120€

Paperback version, 300 pages,


Price : 65€


Cutting Edges 1

  • Fine Line Between
  • Fine line 1/2019
  • Cerámic
  • 26cm 

Price on request

Cutting Edges 2

  • Fine Line Between
  • Fine line 2/2019
  • Cerámic
  • 24cm 

Price on request

Cutting Edges 3

  • Unpredictable outcome 1
  • Cerámic
  • 28cm 

Price on request