Translucidmind is inviting you to develop your brain to full potential. After a year of closely observing advances in neuroscience and cosmophysics, analyzing the impact of advanced artificial intelligence and quantum computation in the development of humanoid robots, we will now strongly highlight information and inspiration as to how we all can live up to the full potential of our mind-blowing possibilities as humans.

The full potential of both hemispheres of the brain is still unexplored and waiting for us to be discovered and integrated in order to attain maximum intelligence through the union of rational abilities of the left hemisphere and intuitional knowing with the right hemisphere.

Let´s dance the cosmic dance.

Invites everybody interested in bringing light to the human mind:

This website is a place to share information, links and articles about the science, philosophy and art of the human mind – empowering humanity through intellectual humanism instead of replacing humanity through technological transhumanism.

A revolution of human thought, perception and reality is happening right now. Translucidmind is a forum for everybody who is participating in this revolution of consciousness. We will share news out of the fields of neuropsychology, physics, arts, spirituality and psychology and we encourage anybody interested to contact us and present an article, a workshop, book, meeting, class etc. to us.

At a historic turning point where neuropsychology investigates the realms of perception of reality beyond the tangible material world – investigates genius intelligence and the power of thought, is investigating endogenous ecstasy and the capacity of humans for telepathy – quantum physics is researching phenomena that leave no other option then to call even the material world just made up of agglutinations of energetic possibilities actualized in a certain moment. The field of quantum biology and the existence of quantum computers which are far superior to conventional computers, are proving the predictions of quantum theory to be a functioning reality of our cosmos.

Quotes from books of translucid minds:

No point is more central than this, that empty space is not empty. It is the seat of the most violent physics. (John A. Wheeler as quoted in The Energy of Hebrew Letters by Rav Berg, page 78)

In all things, though, there is a level of religious experience I would call cosmic religiosity. How can cosmic religiosity be shared from one person to another, when it cannot lead to any clearly formed concept of God or theology? It seems to me that the most important function of art and science is to arouse this sentiment among those who are receptive to it, and to keep it alive.

(Albert Einstein in Hans Peter Dürr, Physik und Transzendenz Physics and Transcendence, page 58-59)

An overwhelming majority of human beings almost exclusively use their right hands for writing and other skilled, unimanual activities. Cross-cultural studies put the incidence of right-handedness at about 90 percent. A variety of indirect evidence suggests that this has been the case since prehistoric times. (…) Research presents a compelling case for higher incidence of left-handedness among the mathematically gifted. It is interesting to note that the incidence of left-handedness is considerably higher among artists than among the general population.

(Springer/Deutsch, Left Brain, Right Brain, page 119)

While there is an external reality, what we know of it would come through the agency of the body proper in action, via representations of its perturbations. We would never know how faithful our knowledge is to “absolute” reality.

(Antonio Damasio, Descartes’ Error, page 235)

Interaction between the cerebral hemispheres can serve to modulate attentional functioning of the human brain. We have found that interaction between the hemispheres is more advantageous to performance when tasks are computationally difficult rather than easy. We have also found that a division and subsequent reintegration of information across the hemispheres enhance selective attention. This phenomenon occurs both when selection is based on perceptual attributes and when selection is made at the level of a response. We interpret these findings as indicating that dividing processing across the hemispheres can increase the brain’s computational capacity.(…)

Are there any emergent properties or functions of callosal transfer that occur because the callosum allows for integration between the specialized hemispheres? Work in our laboratory suggests, in fact, that interaction between the cerebral hemispheres via the corpus callosum has the ability to modulate the attentional capacity of the brain. We have found that under attentionally demanding conditions, mandatory interaction between the hemispheres actually improves task performance compared to situations in which interhemispheric interaction is not required. Our findings are robust, as we have demonstrated them across a variety of manipulations of attentional demands and across numerous modalities.

(Zaidel/Iacobini, The Paralell Brain, page 267)



The recent scientific revelations about endogenous drugs have caused a revolution in medicine. The human being is able to produce all important drugs within the body independently from external drugs such as psychopharmaca or hallucinogenic and party drugs. The human being is his own drug-producer, he only has to relearn how to stimulate at will his endogenous drugs. The conscient and specific stimulation of endogenous drugs is new terrain for the scientific medicine. In ritual healing ceremonies or in archaic techniques (shamanism, voodoo, ritual dance, yoga, meditation) we find many elements for the stimulation of endogenous drugs, although there is still much to learn about the neuropsychological implications.

(Josef Zehentbauer, Körpereigene Drogen Endogenous Drugs, page 8-9)

Book of Art and Inspirational Texts

Susanne Steines

Born 1969 in Giessen, Germany
Academic journey

After graduation in High School in Germany I was invited to the “Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes”, a foundation for the highly talented, which was back then recruiting students not only upon baccalaureate grades but also upon teachers’ and school directors’ recommendation and upon a weekend of selection talks and tests. I declined in order to stay completely free in my future ways. Questioning the highly competitive school system and the early stages of specialized education in Germany’s University System, I decided to study anything that interested me — philosophy, linguistics, neurolinguistics, psychology, art history — but keeping my main focus on German and French literature. In the area of art and painting I found school curricula most detrimental to the free development of one’s own ideas and signature style — one’s own handwriting. I took private classes in portraiture and oil painting. While working for various newspapers and publishing poetry in magazines, radio, and public readings, I took a chance and travelled to Mexico with the goal to study Latin American literature. I was immediately captured by the creative power of this country and ended up spending several months a year in Mexico.