What is it that makes us human?

Faced with the emergence of humanoid AI that is being trained to be self learning and sentient, we as humanity have to wonder how far we want to allow tech-company leaders and political leaders to take the robotization of the human and the humanization of robots. In this special “What is it that makes us human” I have collected a potpourri of articles on most recent neuroscience of the human and AI, showing you how far the human brain is already being close to completely exploited and fed to AI without the knowledge of the huge majority of humanity.

Continuously, I will be showing some art, books, music, articles that reveal the unique preciousness of our human heart- and soulful existence: Our real presence.

Susanne Steines, 31rst of May 2023


What is it that makes us human

The fact that the dangers of AI might be disastrous despite many possible benefits is finally being brought more often to public awareness through international media. Humanissexier is the attempt to create a worldwide organization of all people interested in the...