The internet of neurons or brain-internet is the next kind of internet that neurotechnology is preparing to take online in about twenty years from now. With the first big step done in February 2020 toward the realization of the internet of neurons – the connection of living brain neurons to artificial intelligence directly over the internet (see our Highlight of the Week from 01.05.2020) – it might go online for the general public even earlier than 2040.


In our today´s Highlight of the Week we put together a number of links to information that is directly addressing this topic. Watching the development of the internet of neurons with admiration for the technological brilliance on one hand side and with sharp attention to possible – and highly probable – abuse on the other hand side, should be a part of daily journalism as well as of intellectual (philosophically and artistically) discurs. From there, new paradigms concerning the internet of neurons for politics and laws should be discussed.

By Susanne Steines