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Dear friends and guests of Translucidmindgallery,

Within the frame of the ongoing exhibition with ceramics by Gustavo Perez and Susanne Steines, we invite you to Open Gallery Days from 01.06.-06.06.2024,

and to a very special evening event: Poetry and Piano with Susanne Steines and Malaga based pianist and composer Antonio Ortiz, inspired in Flamenco, classic music (actually teaching at the Music Conservatory in Malaga) and Jazz. This special event falls within the Festival of Jazz of Vejer de la Frontera, the night of the 22.06.2024 from 21.00h-0.00h, sharing Spanish wine and Mexican spices with you. Starting with the piano presentation and the poetry, we will finish the evening dancing in the patio, special dance favorite songs mixed by Susanne Steines. As space is limited, you might want to reserve with your full name in order to be on the guest list, at

Don’t forget to check out and discover Susanne’s most important reads on art, physics, neuroscience and philosophy for this months which she shares monthly, all links on in the News sections.

Susanne Steines is thrilled to show at the same time the new models of her ever growing Silk Fashion Collection of – Steines’s paintings printed on finest Italian handrolled natural parachute silk. Come in and feel the lightness and joyfulness of these beautiful pieces of printed art.

As far as for the website with its archive of artworks, texts, blogs and always growing News – link section, in which writer and artist Susanne Steines shares her favorite and most important reads for her work,  we will update them monthly from now on, always informing you with a monthly Newsletter about the updates and events going on in the gallery as well as new artwork.

In The House Of Presence there will be one all year lasting core theme exhibition with changing events and changing walls and the growing collection of Tuluminosa

susanne steines gallery 2024

The House of Presence – the house of the artist, the artist present in her studio, the house of life, the house of poetry, the poetry of art –

Art is life. And maybe, the living memory of all human life is in the arts, be it in prehistoric cave painting, early pottery, first written letters and signs, first melodies chanted.  The art’s poetry keeps all past life present, or, as Mexican Nobel Price winner for literature, Octavio Paz wrote specifically about the genre of the poem:

“The poem is The House of Presence”.

Translucidmindgallery is a new concept of a living and happening gallery with its physical home in The House of Presence, Vejer de la Frontera, Spain, the house and studio of the artist, writer and poet Susanne Steines.

“L’artiste présente chez elle” – translate the French sentence both ways: the artist presents at her home, and the artist is present at home with herself.

You are invited to share personal moments with the artist, with friends of the artist, other artists, writers, musicians, with art in all its expressions in The House of Presence. Share a matcha tea together in clay cups made by the artist. Or have a wine at the many happening special evenings in the gallery-art studio.

Or just come in and get enchanted by the art, by the artist’s prints of her paintings on finest handrolled Italian silk, see how it feels to indulge in the light weight natural parachute silk and to wear the colors and energies of those ambidextrous mouvements every day .

The Gallery is not only the home of ambihemispherical artist Susanne Steines and her philosophy Ambihemispherical Holosophy in all expressions of the arts, it is home to the art and scientific news link archive as well as the Essay and Artwork archive of the artist,, to her Silk Fashion Design and to what might be the start of a world wide movement for a more humanist planet:

We open Translucidmindgallery in The House of Presence with an exhibition of Ceramics by Mexican ceramist Gustavo Perez and ceramics by Susanne Steines. A long time friendship between both artists, both present in 2009 in Gallería Acá in Oaxaca, México, where Steines first invited Gustavo Perez and French ceramist Brigitte Pénicaud to present with her, later inviting Oaxaca based artists trying to help them promote their work.

We are pleased to present some of the artist’s personal collection of Gustavo Perez’ ceramics together with her own artistic rendering with this medium. Find a text of Susanne Steines about Perez and excerpts on an interview between both on Be warmly welcome in the  The House of Presence and enjoy! 

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