Light has a limited speed. Inevitable light does not, it is instantaneous at any distance.
Inevitable light is information, is working through quantum electrodynamics, is information transmission in quantum entanglement. It is indestructible and should completely survive even a black hole, being ejected from it in what is known by today as “Hawking radiation” after cosmo-physicist Stephen Hawking.

Light particles, photons, are being absorbed and destroyed by the gravity of black holes. Light transmission is subject to time and space.
Light is perceived by our optical sense. Inevitable light acts directly inside the brainand biological body, on the quantum electordynamic level of cells and neurons.

Inevitable light might be always everywhere. Inevitable light is a “spooky action at a distance” (Albert Einstein) present simultaneously everywhere. It needs more than eyes to be seen, it needs the complete neuronal network of the brain in our sentient biological being creating consciousness, an “inner eye” of awareness.
(see article New Quantum Communication Technique Sends Information Using “Spooky Action at a Distance” link under NeuroscienceTranslucidmind | Nov 26, 2021 |

Inevitable light, information received behind closed eyes and observed in actual experience, in intuitions, meditations, trance, dreams, is electromagnetically most powerfully experienced in loving erotic delivery. An any reason defying experience that afterwards might be analyzed in the light of logic and scientific reasoning – our brains are very well wired for the translucid interconnection of the inevitable light of quantum information.

Optical light is often just used as the metaphor for the light we experience within, the light of consciousness. Inevitable light is at the heart of the ambihemispherical brain connection, the corpus callosum, and goes through the actually existing brain of the heart ( see article

Inevitable light is conceived and born into conscious life in the act of pulsating love: an act of strong electro-magnetic discharge in the biological body. Inevitable light, quantum electrodynamic information, is thus linked electromagnetically with the desire of erotic love that makes us both delivered and conscious – be it erotically or spiritually.
Inevitable light reveals itself in love, passion, compassion, empathy, is love that causes desire to procreate, is love that causes desire to learn. Inevitable light causes consciousness and causes “bad” consciousness when we know to have acted against love.

Inevitable light is inevitable, it is an inevitable memory of what has occurred and is inscribed in the timeless cosmic memory of indestrubctible information. Inevitable light makes us knowing inevitably that spiritual darkness starts with denial.

Denial starts right at the moment when we first repress our very own spontaneous emotion in the heart – brain connection. Denial starts when we first repress the natural primary electro-magnetic impulse of love and erotic desire. Denial of ourselves, of our feelings, of love, of our soul, of ourselves, of the other.

Denial may later turn into fears, anxiety, depression, anger, violence, lies, betrayal, despair, power obsession and all the degrees of psychological disorders known today and which are by now understood as imbalances and inhibitions of bioelectro-magnetic processes in the brain and the body. Denial is at the root of all the things we attribute metaphorically to the “dark”.

Inevitable light is at the root of what we call for when we talk about “divine eternal truth” and our soul. Inevitable light, consciousness, that is at the origin of those human values that religions have turned into moral laws on one side and mysterious myths on the other side. Primary inevitable light of love. The ethic call for truthfulness has its origin in the desire for soul liberation and connection with quantum electrodynamic impulse of information, maybe with the creative cosmic consciousness.

As humanity, we had to turn down all restrictive moral and love controlling laws of religions in the last two centuries to come back to get a glimpse of our primary biological connection to the truth of inevitable light. Now, finally, it might become a choice to follow the light of consciousness and the inner compass of our heart revealed in an ambihemispherical balance of the brain: in consciously chosen and fearlessly experienced loving delivery and connection with knowledge about the cosmic workings.

The fully working ambihemispherical brain is the brain as a quantum field (see article YOUR BRAIN ISN’T A COMPUTER. IT’S A QUANTUM FIELD, link on by Translucidmind | Nov 26, 2021 | Latest News Neuroscience,

Intelligent consciousness requires direct experience and knowledge, not belief. The distinction between fantastic spiritualistic believes which stem from mystical times of human history on one side and information in form of spiritual knowledge which is based on a full communication of the faculties of the two brain hemispheres on the other side is necessary for the human to get as close to full consciousness of cosmic truth as it can get.

If the brain is a quantum field it might be coming very close to incorporating all information available in that cosmic web of information that is creating reality. Manufacturers of artificial intelligence and quantum computers are fully aware of that and are working with this new knowledge about the brain and about quantum cosmic reality.

We have to be careful though, with any spiritual belief forms that are trying to make knowledge about cosmic reality theirs and distorting what is their pure subjective belief to a “higher truth”.
The confusion and damage created by such thinker-believer-fantasizers- is enormous. An example for such a fantasizer (a pretty intelligent one) who smartly was able to making his subjective believes appear scientifically valid by using a scientist‘s attitude has for many years been C.G. Jung.

The most important theory he wrote – that is in my eyes “Synchronicity” – he has taken from A. Schopenhauer and given it a different name, as Jung himself points out in his book with this title (“Synchronicity” by C.G. Jung, please find book reference under the section Books of

Schopenhauer had come to talk about a phenomenon that he had observed over a long period of time and called Simultaneity. Jung just called that same phenomenon “synchronicity” and became famous for it.

C.G. Jung rejected Schopenhauer‘s logical conclusions calling them not on the hight of the scientific findings of the moment. He used arguments of scientific discurs to prove Schopenhauer’s conclusions wrong, only in order to then introduce his own, highly unscientific theory, which he based on assumptions as non-scientific as could be a theory of “Archetypes” – maybe interesting in the realm of anthropology, but misleading in the attempt to understand the workings of the human mind and consciousness.

This is a perfect example of how some philosophers use scientific arguments to put their own subjective theories – which might have very little to do with science – into the limelight. Jung is still today a most important reference in the topic of simultaneously appearing phenomena, especially to many of those spiritualistic thinkers who handcraft their own world view in a mix of scientific facts and spiritualistic believes.

In the light of quantum science and the currently highly debated possibility of a cosmic reality unfolding in a great biocentric design that allows for consciousness (see book “The Grand Biocentric Design” by Robert Lanza, and follow physicist Leonard Susskind in all his given interviews), Schopenhauer‘s “Simultaneity” and his conclusion stemming from his observations that there has to be deterministic design in the cosmos is much more relevant than Jung‘s fantasies. (The next of our 12 words will therefore be, also in tribute to A. Schopenhauer, Simultaneity).

Quantum Computers work on the base of simultaneity in quantum entanglement, – no such thing as psychological archetypes of humanity needed for the explanation of information transmissions that occur without restrictions in time and space.

As opposed to Schopenhauer’s method of scientific observation and philosophical logic used for conclusions, much of C.G. Jung‘s writings are based on highly questionable assumptions and fantasies mixing up myths, spirituality, magical thinking, psychology and some pieces of science that seem to give credibility to his theories. The result is a complete and mandatory system of thought which leads to pretty random judgements of humans and their character.

We do not need mysticism and magical thinking or magical metaphors anymore today – quantum physics and all the most recent findings about the working of the cosmos are more mysterious then any mystical fantasies could be. Forget about Rudolf Steiner’s elves and C.G. Jung’s archetypes, unless you are an anthropologist, poet in need for metaphors or a kindergarten teacher.

They are part of the history of magical thinking in a pre-quantum-conscious humanity. Archetypes maybe socio-culturally as important as fairy tales or as the elephant in Hinduism – but are all the same as inappropriate for a description of the nature of reality. We know by now how the hallucinogenic mushroom peyote works in the brain, there is no reason to run after a blue deer only because this is one of the myths of peyote from the times of magical thinking in Mexican indigenous Huichol culture.

C.G. Jung has mostly, as many philosophers have critically observed, not even applied the first key of the scientific method which is as simple as mere observation. This lack is terribly obvious in his color theory of human characters, a very harmful and absurd reduction of human psychology into a couple of patterns expressed through Jung’s personal perception of colors. Most often all of this is completely thought out, random and not based on profound meticulous scientific research confronting the human being in the daily work of medical psychiatry.

On the other hand, there is a clinical psychiatrist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who has over decades made meticulous studies while observing hundreds of patients, trying to find evidence in psycho-somatic reflection within medical studies of what he saw, back checking always with the most recent research of other psychiatrist and even theoretical physicists (he was interchanging correspondence with Albert Einstein), rejecting all mysticism, only basing himself on the observation and analyzing of the effects of the power of love on the human body and mind.

Reich observed love scientifically as an electro-magnetic force working in the human body and psyche. He has been following the scientific method as a clinical doctor and practitioner. His findings might be revolutionary. Curiously, Jung is still very popular, while Reich is barely known.

Scientist might commit errors or will be proven wrong years later, they all know this, admit it, and no one questions this fact. Those who want to make others adepts of their subjective believes use from science only what pleases them and masquerade their purely thought out believes as scientific.

That is why the quest for knowledge about our reality following a scientific method in a way Einstein did – in perfect communication of both hemispheres, reciprocal questioning of intuition, direct experience, observation and logical reasoning, – is inevitably part of the quest for the truth of the nature of the cosmos, inevitable light of information and thus real consciousness.

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