Ambihemispherical Holosophy’s Translucidly Mindful Words 12: The Ambihemispherical Chess of Life

The “Ambihemispherical Chess of Life” is not the first game that I have had the basic general idea for, but certainly the most important one. I like to infuse games with concepts culturally important for our global community, this one here is especially important, for all of humanity. Once I explained my idea, I enjoy observing where people might take it to in realizing it.

I always enjoyed playing chess. As a child, I liked the less easily predictable move of the horse, and the black little figure of my parents’ marble jazz game was my favorite. I played a lot, until a moment at barely 12 years old, when I learned the real intellectual depth of chess. Since that moment, I completely lost interest in the table chess game and started to use my time playing the full chess of life through my thoughts in any kind of intellectual (mainly philosophical or political) reasoning or scientific idea, in many life situations or when an important decision was to be made – using the full capacity of logical intellect, mathematical calculation of probability and at the same time always double checking the results with my strong intuition that I much later understood to be a gift of the ambihemispherical brain.

Later in life, I had to learn that there are much less clear predictions to be made faced with humans and society and that we need a very good intuition and understanding of human history, of nature’s capriciousness, of coincidence, fate, accident, of other human’s highly volatile psychology, insanities, envy, violence, hate and all that spring from it. A far more complicated game of chess, one that requires both hemispheres to work perfectly together – in life, just the mathematical calculation of possible moves on a grid is by far not enough.

Being ambidextrous and with the right hemisphere highly sensitively developed and opened, we live permanently in the holistic openness of mind that is being researched since recently in neurological studies on the functioning of the hemispheres, mostly related with studies on deep meditative brain states and studies about shamanic use of psilocybine and other substances that induce similar brainstates, as well as injuries that leave the person without the left hemisphere functioning.

A fundamental easy read on this topic is the book “No Self –No Problem” by Chris Niebauer, Ph.D. in which he praises the holistic, benevolent, ego-free state of mind in an opened right hemisphere consciousness. The title left me smiling sadly: the right hemisphere “No Self” can cause many problems, if we don’t know about our very particular specifically indulgent and empathetic view on other humans. Only through all those recent neuroscientific studies I learned what my personal experience has been since I can think: as much as I am intuitive, telepathic and even predictive of future moments to occur, as little does my intuition work when it comes to recognizing, or rather say “admitting to myself to have discovered” maliciousness in people’s faces (a characteristic of people while being in right hemisphere consciousness as a study showed).
The chess of my life ended up being really complicated to play.

Supposingly, the people in the study mentioned above who took psilocybine and were in a state of right hemisphere holistic consciousness did not recognize among a lot of fotos of human beings those individuals who had records of malicious and even criminal behavior. When I read the study, I finally understood the reason for the problems occurring to the “No Self” in real life. From my experience, I can tell you: mostly, I have the first impression of an intuive inner warning “careful here”, but the all loving and all empathetic right hemisphere consciousness kicks in immediately and tells me: don’t separate the other just because of a first visual impression, don’t judge for exterior appearance, give everybody a chance, – and before I even notice, I will never think about that first impression anymore until reality kicks in and the person shows those abusive actions that now make me remember my very first intuitive impression again.

So, my conclusion now is that in order to achieve real lasting peace among people, in small communities as well as of the entire planet (imagine a world society of empathetic, altruistic and in brotherhood living humans) we need a balanced “ambihemispherical chess of life”, that each individual knows to play lovingly and intelligently aware of those psychological conditions in people who lack almost completely all the healthy and opened right hemisphere qualities.

While we humans as a whole global community allow ourselves to neglect our full capacities and do not train our ambihemispherical brain to be working at its best – ridiculizing on one hand side those ever learning knowledge-hungry intellectuals among us, and on the other side those people who believe in intuition, telepathy and love as a creative cosmic force – the complete ambihemispherical human brain in all its marvellous capacity is being fed to Artificial Intelligence by “transhumanist” that is anti-humanist and power aspiring AI companies and politicians.

Meta, Google, tiktok and most other big commercial tech players in the internet are interfering with the new self-learning Chatbots directly in our private daily lives, and now, much more hidden but much more intrusive, Microsoft Word is peaking directly into our brain at work while we think, compose and write a text.

Elon Musk owns Twitter and Neuralink, which just got FDI permission to run tests on humans with implanted neurochips connecting the brain directly to the smartphone and internet. He claimed for many years to do all of this to protect humanity from abuse of the overwhelming superiority of Al by those who build and run it. But he owns it all now and with Space Ex he runs a satellite control system far around the globe. This is unfathomable power in the hands of one single human being!
And, since 2023, he starts to support campaigns of certain politicians.
And people, and what are WE doing?

Should we just get that chip implanted at some point? How enticing does it seem, for example, to be able to just think about a quote in a book and my smart phone gives me immediately the page in some virtual book with the quote I am thinking of instead of going to my bookshelves, looking for the book, searching for the page while having to read through quite a lot of text again. Great thing, an external memory that takes the work of seriously investigating and memorizing away from us. Really?

Should we really rely completely on information that whoever feeds to whatever AI – benevolent or malicious, we don’t know – and give away all our natural human power of questioning, curiosity, investigation and all the memorizing that our human brain is capable of? Yes, with every little information that we do not make the effort to memorize and remember ourselves, our brain becomes less and less capable of memorizing, just like untrained legs run constantly ever slower. This is neuroscientifically proven knowledge.

Any human brain observing and AI developing neuroscientist knows that the human brain needs the work of brain training and memorizing not only to keep working perfectly but also in order to create a sense of self, consciousness and a sense of soul being.

With a brain chip that does all the memory work for us we would soon become nothing else but the biological body of a super smart AI that feeds us and dictates us in everything we are doing and deciding.

Having eagerly learned history and simply practicing the intellectual game of always thinking all the probable pathes of all the dominos within the chess of life of all possible outcomes to their very last piece to fall I dare to say that the Neuralink brain chip campaign the way it is proposed right now as a way to heal medical and psychological conditions opens the door for a future global health campaign against nervous and mental diseases. What if countries would start making laws to make neuro- implants as obligatory as vaccines?

One of the rules in the “Transhumanist”‘s set of laws (there is a Transhumanist Manifesto, a Transhumanist political party, etc., just look it up and read!) is that the maintaining and contributing to the health of the majority is mandatory law for all. There is a future scenario possible where those who might reject the brain chip would be marganized and defamed by society just as those of us who back then in 2020/2021/2022 did not simply want to risk to take 3 COVID vaccines.

Dictators always open their pathways to absolute power step by step, selling each step for just a small seemingly inoffensive and seemingly necessary change of rules. Facing the dangers to humanity brought about by some of today’s overwhelmingly powerful oligarchs and political leaders, their aspiration to political world leadership by campaigning with a massively manipulating populism, wrong information and lies through all media and social media in 21rst century’s decaying democracies, I dare and share a simple thought:

If the most powerful tool of repression in any dictature is the violent will of the manipulated, intoxicated less educated masses to defame and denounce any different opinion (Germany under Hitler being the most obvious example) then we have to accept and admit that democracy as we know it today is not functioning in a way that would allow for the realization of the philosophical idea of a democracy as being beneficial to all humans and the dignity of each individual.

Democracy without considerable education of all voters does not seem to work. Just as education and practical knowledge is requested in any other very important and potentially dangerous job in human society there should be a broad political and historical education of all voting people and completely free and independent of income, along with tests of minimum political knowledge (just as a driving license in traffic is a no brainer and naturally accepted by all.) Obviously, we would need to enable an autodidactic education possible through an independent and non-commercial internet that would not be interfered by fact distorting political powers and AI – and a much broader infrastructure of public printed book libraries on the entire planet.

I like the idea of this kind of “intellectual humanism”, (a term which was created by German sociologist Theodor Geiger who already in the middle of the 20th century wrote about the “problems of a mass-democracy” without according education) as I mentioned in my article “Human is sexier” on To implement this thought in a broader and more modern form of an advanced, community oriented Humanist Democracy is a philosophical idea of Ambihemispherical Holosophy. The way to get there in real life could now be achieved through a new completely independent transparent internet run by the global community of equally participating humans, an internet with commercial free, Super AI free and Chatbot free media and social networks in which we could all be able to a high degree to distinguish between facts, opinions and lies.

Many of us artists, philosophers, and many intellectuals would need a good set of practical thoughts to get over the noble humility of renouncing generally from wealth and power. Money and wealth will be needed for the benefit of all and is not dirty unless it is made or used in abusive ways.

Most of us clearly see that today’s capitalism has become a global system controlled by oligarchic super powers and political leaders in which more and more often the least empathetic among us win and become world power aspiring ego-maniacs. At the same time, we all have seen that capitalism indeed generates much more capital, that is, total world wealth, than any other system but this wealth is concentrated in the hands of a very few. How could the enormously huge yearly globally generated wealth be directed to the benefit of all humanity? Well, I amused myself inventing this “ambihemispherical global chess of life” for all of us and invite everybody to imagine it, and to play with it and see what else could be interesting in this global community chess game.

With the enormous possibility that super AI driven robots can provide to humanity today, there is the great moment for our global community to profit as a whole, each and all of us, of this cheap robotic work force: As long as we humans as a united global humanity control these machines and don’t allow the today’s political leaders and tech-oligarchs to have humanity being controlled by humanoid hybrids who feed of our human power and might end up enslaving or erasing humanity.

In that humanist global society, Super AI powered robots would not be humanoid at all and would only be designed to a concisely framed goal for self-learning in that area of knowledge and only being given tactile sensibility for the very specific job they have to do, no more. They would not have faces nor human bodies that would confuse us about their difference to the miracle of a heart feeling and soulful human being. Clearly, they would visibly be machines and only been fed the information they need for their one specific job and would permanently be controlled by humans. Our jobs as humans would be to control them, be in the responsible positions of directing them, having much more free time and much less hard physical work to do. Logically and humanistically thinking, not humans would be the fully exploited work force, but robots.

All humanity would enjoy the economic benefit brought by the robotic work force of the 4th industrialization: instead of being controlled by a Machiavellian plan of a few leaders to push most of us into our human essence and dignity degrading joblessness with the shamelessly enticing promise of a general basic minimum income for all, we as a united humanity would be generating dignified responsible jobs and incomes that would make us participants in the gains of any big companies. How?

A very simple way would be a tax system in which we all do not only pay yearly what our contribution is to our societies, but at the same time a proportional amount of our taxes would go into shares and stocks of all those big companies that run the main pillars of human society: basic necessities, resources, food, health, communication, education, transport etc. At the end of the year each of us would automatically receive our part of the bonus achieved by any of those big companies. That way the big life and society sustaining companies would be in all our hands – and not only in private hands or in the hands of those who are the political leaders of a country.

More than a game, I am developing here an idea of a practicable, completely reformed democracy and communitary capitalism, a humanist compromise between the completely out of sanity running today’s oligarchic capitalism and some very altruistic social philosophies that are not practicable within the range of human evolution at this moment. A communitarian tax system in a Humanist Democracy could be pretty easily established through a communitarian banking system with the idea above of a regulated general investing of everybody in life sustaining public companies on one hand side and on the other hand side by following of the models of some of the best European examples of a beautifully sustained public life, cultural offer, public transportation, schools and social support network: nobody should have to live hungry nor homeless nor without general health care.

Everybody has the right to aspire more income with great ideas, work etc. always being taxed at highest to a point where you still have a sense of gain in the income at the end of the year. Not the yearly taxes, but a general limit of accumulated personal wealth and assets will make any absurdly unjustified wealth impossible. That way the great human resource of unoffensive and unabusive ambition and the right to be rewarded for effort in work and knowledge should not be broken by all too restricting laws.

To enjoy wealth and private property is a human desire, sparks a healthy ambition and joy to work and is completely normal in a range that enables people to have their private homes, stores, business, companies etc., creating jobs and wealth for all. And sure, all those who really like to live in a luxury enjoying life style (seems to be very human) could still do this within a general limit of assets – but no wealth would enable anybody to have a personal power over any important life and knowledge sustaining infrastructures of society, generally needed resources etc.

In that kind of “communitary capitalism” the markets could be permanently controlled by a special global institution through a United Nations facility and United Nations Court, that would have to work following carefully established laws. Restrictions of exaggerated wealth that could lead to aspirations of political power in a group or an individual could simply come through a general, at best globally accepted limit of personal assets.

Exceeds of assets at the end of each year would be charitably channeled into any kind of human life sustaining community effort, be it infrastructure, hospitals, health, housing, science, culture, theatres, printed book libraries. As most wealthy people love charity parties and like to present themselves as very anthroposophic – we all would have those parties together from now on, publically and as anthroposophic as it gets, celebrating the companies that generated so much wealth for all. Beautiful thought, isn’t it?

In order to establish good laws in this Humanist Democracy we would not only all together play a big a domino game of brainstorming what all might be possible in whichever scenario. We would play an “ambihemispherical chess of life” in always considering the moves of any destructive or egomaniac adversary player: and consider his or her possible moves always all the way through to the end and stay ahead of the game, stop them on peacefully in their ambitions.

That way, in a Humanist Democracy, we could continuously play our ambihemisperhical chess of life in which everybody participates, nobody loses, nobody gets hurt and the big narcistic power aspiring egos and sociopaths would be kept controlled in their megalomanic aspirations.

The base for all is a transparent, independent, non for private profit, community organization run and commercial free internet completely free of Chatbots on all levels, in all of informations and communication structures.

This is my ambihemispherical dream of a beautifully humanist global chess of life. All the political and social institutions and economic infrastructure needed are already here, globally existent, they would only have to be reformed in the above pointed out way.

I have been thinking through it all again and again in all possible ways of the dominos to fall in the near future for humanity until the very last piece of every branch: this might not just be an utopian idea and an interesting set for a real life game – it might be, at the end, the only way for humanity to survive the insane race of today’s world leading economic and political forces for absolute digital and to complete world power. An irrational race in which we risk to give all human power away to AI or, as many experts fear, simply being erased by AI.

Copyright Susanne Steines, 27th of May 2023