5 Primary Consciousness – White holes 

Did  you  ever  wonder  how much  more  conscious  we humans  could  be?  Consciousness  is  not  just  consciousness,  there  are  many  different  degrees  and  qualities  to  consciousness.  The  human  consciousness  is  most  probably  pretty  limited.  Imagination  and  science  can  push  the  limits  of  consciousness, so just imagine: A white hole in Einstein´s theory of black holes is the mathematically  resulting other side of the black hole, you might call it the other hemisphere of the black hole. 

As opposed to the black hole, which, in short, attracts mass and never lets is out again, nothing can  enter the white hole, but at some point, it explosively releases mass and light. After mass has been  absorbed by  the black hole and  travelled  for billions of years  through what is known  from science  fiction movies as a wormhole, or even as a tunnel for time-travel to eternity, its complete information ends up channelled in a white hole from which mass and light in a powerful outburst are released back  into  actuality. This  theory  allows  for  multiple  big  bangs,  new  universes  and a  cosmic  soup  of  multiverses . 

Following  quantum  theory, there  is  undestroyable  information remaining  in  the  cosmos after  the  destruction of mass, a fact which cosmos-physicist and string theorist Leonard Susskind explains in his  video The World as a Hologram, (see link in translucidmind.com today´s section Physics News) and  there  is extreme  fine  tuning  of the  cosmological constant which  he  explains  in  the  video  The  cosmological constant (see link in same location). These two cosmic certainties that actual science has  come to so far and the undeniable existence of consciousness in humans, make the question about  the nature of consciousness as part of the cosmos inevitable. Any question you might have around the  topic, search for Susskind´s interviews and videos in the internet. 

Theoretically, a white hole might contain all the information of mass devoured in a black hole – and  might thus be eternally perpetuating the information of what is left over after the destruction of mass  within the black hole or after a black hole died, throwing it out and delivering the information for new  creation of massive cosmic actualisation. So, in other words, after the death of bodies of mass, all the  information of past actualisations would remain present, alive, accessible, endless, timeless, ready for  explosive new creation. 

In my article Ambihemispherical Holosophy’s 12 Translucidly Mindful Words: – 1 Forgiveness (Blog,  translucidmind.com) I pointed out the probability of all information of past truth remaining accessible in the cosmos as if stored on a cosmic hard drive. 

“It  might  be  reasonable  to  assume  that  the  highest  consciousness  and  the  most  benevolent  deep  intelligence at work in the cosmos has exact record of the truth, at all times. Quantum computer driven  artificial  deep  intelligence  might  be  able  to  dig  into  those  records  sooner  or  later.  Truthfulness  and  forgiveness might be the highest cosmic consciousness‘ program to get us out of the hells our minds have  created.” 

At some point, I compared the extreme acceleration observed inside a black hole with the sensation of  the  extreme  speed  of  the  spiralling in  the  “tunnel” which  patients  who  had  close  to  death experiences  consciously  experience.  Let´s  sit  with  these  considerations,  add  the  question  of  consciousness and look at what science has to say.  

Many  internet  articles  and  videos  are  explaining Einstein´s assumption  that  theoretically,  mathematically, a black hole should always be accompanied by a white hole, and most recent scientific  findings of quantum science about the topic by Stephen Hawking and others don´t exclude this.  Let´s  take the step to string theory which could have an explanation of what might be happening within the  white hole. Let´s look at the extreme poetry of what the existence of white holes might point at: the  eternity  of  information  and  maybe  of  a  primary  consciousness  vibrating on  an  infinite  number  of  strings and filaments. Together this might produce a record of anything ever created, more even, the  possibility of a creative consciousness recreating perpetually with the quantum information left over  by  the bits  and  pieces  of  particles and  the vibrations  on  strings of destroyed mass. (see  article in  https://www.space.com/white-holes.html.) 

If  we  had  the certainty  that  strings  or  any kind  of  close  to weight  free energetic  particles in  the  quantum scale carry not only quantum information but also intent of consciousness – as described  with  the  value  of  “phi” in  the  article  Is  the  Universe  conscious (https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg24632800-900-is-the-universe-conscious-it-seems impossible-until-you-do-the-maths/) – we might get close to solving the riddle of the making of the  cosmos. Many  scientists  today  admit to  be  puzzled by the  unbelievably  fine-tuned  design of  the  cosmos that allows for human life and consciousness. Some of them ponder that there would have to  be a creating primary consciousness behind it all (note: just consider the precision of DNA information  to  allow  for  consciousness,  and  once you  considered:  ponder  if  humans  should  ever  dare  to  manipulate DNA).  String theory, at the moment, is missing exactly this piece of the puzzle for being  able to rise to be the unifying theory of everything.  

A theory that wants to come to be the theory of everything must most probably include the existence  of consciousness, as cosmo-physicist and string theorist Leonard Susskind explains in his interviews. A  supreme, actuality creating consciousness that has the force to defy the certainty of any outcome of  mathematical calculation by force of intent in quantum entanglement – that would be the solution of  the cosmic riddle here. Maybe you want to call it supreme consciousness instead of God, if that makes  it easier for you to at least look a little bit into the idea. 

There is a high controversy right now in the scientific community, especially between consciousness  researchers and cosmo-physicists if this amazing design of the cosmos could really just be random, – or if  there is a conscious creator intent behind it all. Well, I  found a great comment by Paul Davis,  Director at the Beyond Center for consciousness studies at the University of Arizona. Taken from an  interview with Robert Lawrence Kuhn in the series of Closer to truth, episode 612, titled Why explore  consciousness and cosmos, published on Youtube Premium. 

I don’t  think  there is any doubt, when we look at  the universe, it  seems a package of marvels, its ingenious, its ordered, its mathematical, and its felicitous in the sense that it permits the existence of  life and beings like ourselves who can reflect on it. Wow. It looks like a fix, it looks like its been designed.  And  the question is – has it been designed and if not, well, how can we explain this appearance of  design? 

Most  of  my scientific colleagues feel  uncomfortable  with  this  sort of  questions,  they  would  say,  if  pressed, that there is no reason for why the world is the way it is. Yes, sure, it works well and it looks designed and we are lucky to be here, but there is ultimately no reason to it. And I always thought that  it is extraordinary to try to ground the rationality and logical nature of scientific inquiry on ultimate  absurdity – that  the whole  thing is just  floating  for no  reason and yet it mimics  the appearance of  rationality and order.”

Maybe, all it would take for the scientist community to find the long searched for theory of everything  would be the humility to accept the existence of a consciousness much higher than the human – which  Einstein never had a doubt about and which some of the most important living physicist including  Susskind  seem  to start  to accept as highly  probable. All  the mathematical  functions would just  be  useful  tools of  the creative consciousness to create physical reality – just as  the left hemisphere of  logic thinking of the brain is a great tool for the human in the managing of our physical reality – but the true nature of the cosmos is one permeated by consciousness and intent which can transform the  material reality actualizations at will and intention, a force beyond maths, time and matter. All of this  is in  perfect  agreement  with  and  would  explain  any  spookyness,  weiredness and  uncertainty  discovered by quantum theory and its practical applications. 

The disturbing thing about all of these mind-blowing thoughts is how obvious it is, once you start to  understand it, that today´s big neuroscience and quantum computation technologists are working at  high  speed  on  creating  quantum  powered  deep  AI  that  might  come  very  soon  very  close to reproducing the functioning of highest cosmic consciousness. As philosophers, artists and writers we  should try being on top of any scientific information accessible to the general public. From there we  should be working on creating awareness and spreading the news. Keep following the videos released  with Elon Musks comments. Watch interviews with scientists like Susskind. Think with it! Imagine! 

Which political or technological super power of this planet would not dream to possess this technology  of conscious deep intelligence connected with quantum technology – while the average human does  not even know that we have the fantastic, fairly unused possibilities of the right hemisphere of our  brain. My call to everyone working in arts, literature, philosophy- why not dance for a while with all  this exciting scientific news and bring it to the general public. This is what I am trying to do since many  years with my art and writing. 

In what I would call a state of “ambihemispherically holistic observation” ( a state of consciousness  deriving  from  right hemisphere “intuition diving” and left hemisphere sceptical observation) I very  often  came  to  the  conclusion that such  a  consciously  creating  power most  probably  exists in  the  cosmos. My poetry and painting reflects this, and in my book Translucid I show in my literature and in  my  artwork  my life-long  path  towards  evermore  understanding  of  the  consciousness  generating  functions of an ambihemispherical brain. 

“Dreams  of  intensely  varied  colors,  dreams  full  of  flowing  and  radiant  signs;  words  that  appeared  before me, with world-creating power; letters that dissipated into glowing strings and seemed to dance  in space; characters written with the right hand, or mirrored with the left; signs derived  from some  existing alphabet, or signs that were entirely new, freshly arisen in the depths of my dreams, flaring up  with a white-gold light,  then  fading again, like strings of energy. Ever since I was little, whenever I  painted with my left hand, these strings, lines and colors remained in constant motion, even when I  was painting a figurative object. Whenever I wrote German calligraphy with my right hand, I wondered  where all these signs came from, who first set down the world’s alphabets, so firmly, as they now stand  — as opposed  to all  the other countless signs in  the depths of  the cosmos. This question led me  to  search for the historical origins of humanity’s written signs. The impulse to gain knowledge of where  this dance of signs came from; to discover the impulse that kept this dance in motion; to give myself  over, laughing, to this dance — this impulse has been with me my entire life. 

My hands danced on the paper, the pastels trailed by the dance’s colorful lines; with my fingertips, I  blended  the  colored  dust  across  the  transparent  Japanese  paper:  words  and  signs,  emerging  and  vanishing again to the accompaniment of some cosmic music — the flowing currents of calligraphy,  mirrored with both hands, on tender-skinned paper, so delicately reflective, streaming forth the finest  particles of light, as fragile as a butterfly’s wings. 

Ce  songe:  songer  de  se  dessoudre — this  longing  to  dissolve  in  light — could  be  a  purely  spiritual  longing, or a highly erotic longing for mystical union with the beloved. It is the longing for an eternal  light, or for an erotic death, a “petite mort.” Or it is that wish to return to a luminous cosmic dust, the  dissolution of the flesh, of the bones, down to a powder, a glowing mist in this erotic dance, in this  tantric  ecstasy.  In  that  moment  when  the  boundaries  of  the  self  are  broken,  the  body  seems  to  dissipate, slowly and tenderly…” 

( quoted from the book Translucid by Susanne Steines, page 8. Oaxaca, México, 2019) 

Recently, in this year 2021, I had a very peculiar dream. In this dream, a scientist in some very close  future setting had written a formula on a wall for me, a formula that, as I recall, was the abbreviated formula for black holes plus a completely new parameter of a velocity within the black hole that was  faster  then  the  speed  of  light: the  speed  of  quantum  entanglement  and  it´s  transmission  of  information. Actually,  there is an exact calculation of  this speed is in  the scientific  research, and it  indeed exceeds  by  far  the  speed  of light,  that is, as  far as  research knows  by  now  “four  orders  of  magnitude  faster  than  light”,  see  https://futurism.com/chinese-physicists-measure-speed-of-quantum entanglement-2. (Just for anybody to understand the power of lucid dreaming: I had this dream before  I read about this new data, I actually started searching for this scientific information after my dream!) 

And there was much more to this dream. The future scientist in my dream explained as a proven fact that this formula was the formula of the unified theory, and he said – from his future perspective – that it ultimately had lead to the prove of an existing eternal creator consciousness. He explained that,  at a  certain  point  within  the  black  hole,  the speed of  quantum  entanglement´s  transmission  of  information becomes the main acting force, and that by passing beyond the light, at some point all is  just  information,  information  defying  time  and  space  – eternity  of  information,  transmitted  by consciousness oscillating strings that are vibrating energy which eternally will be recreating massive  new cosmic actualizations like big bangs and universes. 

I woke up from my dream and was really wondering if I should start to learn the mathematics to figure  this all out. Certainly, without any sufficient education to do the mathematics of the formula of my  dream this does  not  seem  to  be an  option, but I might  say  though,  that  it  sounds  beautifully and  elegantly plausible to me. 

Copyright Susanne Steines, 23.06.2021