By Susanne Steines

Arriving at the end of 2020 we find ourselves not only politically and socially in a very significant moment of history, but also philosophically. Some pictures of demonstrations in European cities against COVID19-politics or of the partly violent demonstrations in the US of Trump-supporters show a bizarre mix of antiscientific conspiracy ideas proclaimed by spiritualist groups and darkest medieval religious fundamentalism, and all of this in the face of actual radical islamist terrorism.

In the meantime, scientists in the fields of quantum physics and neurosciences worldwide are publishing almost daily very happily new papers about the most exciting new discoveries which should urge humanity to call for a reconciliation of all religions as science shows us more and more a reality that is holistic and spiritual – as opposed to spiritualist, we need this distinction – and in which every material manifestation seems to be the result of intention and thought of all kind of forms of consciousness.

By leaving political and moral aspects of each religion aside and focusing on the transcendent aspects of each religion looking at them in the light of most recent science there will be astonishing similarities in all of them which should lead to reconciliation instead of religious wars. Teaching techniques to enhance ambihemispherical awareness of holistic connectedness and loving devotion could lead religious and spiritual practices to a new importance in their societies and to peace among each other.

While in neurosciences the ambihemispherical functions are well known since decades and adopted to amplify artificial intelligence, most human beings have very little idea of the fairly unused second half of their brain, the right hemisphere, and much less of the synchronicity with which it is be fine-tuned to perceive actualizations on quantum cosmic level. Even well informed philosophers seem to be unable to systematically integrate all this new information into a contemporary and relevant philosophy. Stuck in fixed terminology and paradigms of logical philosphical discourse they seem to be unable to escape the strong separation they built between transcendental philosophies and positivist systems. This struggle was recently revealed in Michel Houellebecq‘s interview on religion (see The Phenomenon Michel Houellebecq – A recent interview with him about religion by Susanne Steines | Nov 26, 2020 | Highlight of the Week

What finally compelled me to write this article is the fact that shortly after having seen the Interview with Houellebecq I happened to find a document of the CIA on the topic of ambihemispherical awareness and information accessing (Gateway Experiences) from 1983 which had been classified and only released in 2003. The astonishing clear conclusion of the writer does not leave any doubt about the experimental evidence of the human brains capacity to access consciousness on quantum cosmic level and of the abilities of people who are trained in ambihemispherical awareness to do so. Considering the fact that this CIA document is almost 40 years old and that more recent research on the topic hidden away in drawers of the CIA must be loaded with mind-blowing information I will write some thoughts here that my own personal experience with my ambidextrous, that is ambihemispherical nature and life have made me come to consider valuable.

Knowing about severe limitations of the linguistic instruments and the rock hard set of the left-hemisphere driven paradigms of logical thought in current philosopy I won‘t use much of its terminologies in this article as I try to call into life a holosophy which integrates the intuitve abililties of the right hemisphere and allows together with the left hemisphere a solid holosophical system of world interpretation and a new understanding of the role of human beings in this world. In philosophy as we know it today with its highly lefthemispherical reasoning we find that very often logical conclusions are drawn which are just logical circuits that work within their own system proclaimed by the same logical thought. This might be one of the reasons for the unability of actual philosophy to catch up with the mind-blowing speed of new information in physics and neuro-sciences (not to mention genetics). Very often we find scientists who endeavor in writing a philosophical text in order to try to integrate the new findings into philosophical discourse. Genius scientists like Einstein (having been himself ambihemispherical with the biggest both hemispheres connecting corpus callosum known to neuroscientists) have insisted all their lives in the importance of the element of intuition and lucky coincidence or synchronicity when talking about the inspiration of their genius ideas. Synchronicity is a concept that should be once and for all moved out of the foggy spiritualist realm into reasonable philosophical discourse (as already German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer tried to do by examining reports of clearvoyant dreams and the corresponding later occurring events, for exemple) making use of the quantum physical terms of event horizon and actualization. Many of those scientists confess a sense of awe face to face with the mystery of cosmic creation. It is the same attitude we find in certain writers and poets, even beyond the great European philosophers of transcendence. This is one of the reasons of Houellebecq’s proximity to Schopenhauer. (I largely wrote about these topics in my book “Translucid”.)

Anything provably and materially existing that is meeting the requirements of what is labeled in philosophy with the term Positivism, points according to the known and proven laws of quantum physics beyond itself because anything materially existing originated in an act of will, observation or creative consciousness. With this reality of the quantum cosmos the dichotomy between positivism and transcendentalism is erased. Have some philosophers not noticed this by now? Is the intellectual’s fear of anything that might be interpreted by some parts of humanity as “divine consciousness” so consistent since unlucky Nietzsche?

The really hard problem of science is at the moment the origin of consciousness – human consciousness and that of those mysterious forces in the cosmos which are at the origin of creation and evolution of the material world. Experiences (like the Gateway Experience being at the center of the CIA document mentioned above focusing on ambihemispherical integration and often reported by spiritual practitioners) of intuitive perception, transcendental states of mind, unexplainable phenomena as altruistic love on one hand and tantric ecstasy on the other hand, perception of beauty and the awe for “unearthly beauty” are existing in all religions, also and especially in shamanic practices. When neuroscience already longtime ago broke the taboo of taking shamanic trance states of mind for real, certain drug induced states of mind for serious and practicing severe research on those states of mind and the altered perceptions as reported in the document on the Gateway Experiences – why would philosophers not? Philosophy has to come to accept the whole picture, not just the lefthemispherical logical reasoning. That’s why I suggest the term Ambihemisperical Holosophy, which should be an all including “system”, that is a systematic integration of everything existing – without chains and limits in systematic logical thinking. The only systematic aspects other than the set of philosophy’s useful tools of communication and logical reasoning same as the systematic scientific method should be the request of the permanent broadening of the spectrum of reality that has to be integrated in the Ambihemispherical Holosophy, and the request to broaden the capacities of the ambihemispherical connection of our brains as the most important tool for valuable thought. Poets, artists, and Science Fiction-Visionaries might deliver some inspiration.

Take the probability following Einstein’s theories of the existence and qualities of wormwholes. I do not have to do the maths to see if Einstein is right or not. That’s a scientist’s work. Being an ambihemispherical poet and writer I see the beauty of the concept, and, having read a lot, I know from books on the phases of dying and near-death experiences like those of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross about the reports of near-death experiences. Having had the questionable privilege to have had those experiences twice in my life myself and being able to confirm the report of other people, I see a perfect metaphor in the physical concept of wormwholes for the dynamics happening in the spiraling tunnel of light in the near death experience, and, using my ambihemispherical connections, I do not exclude the possibility that there might be an actually existing junction between the material world and the spiritual realm of pure consciousness right in that mysterious wormhole or in this on high energy spiraling tunnel while consciousness is leaving the body approaching death. The beauty is breath-taking and leaves you in complete awe.

Many scientists have a sense of beauty and awe when being faced with the mystery of creation in the same way as some artists do: Beauty, ecstatic beauty, is a central topic of all religions and is historically at the origin of artistic creation, the beauty and fascination with erotic ecstasy as artefacts of sexual organs show. The transcending powers of erotic love are known to all cultures and times. The neurological explanation of brain states during altered consciousness following devoted love brings light to this mystical perception of humans all over history. Look at a quote by German romantic poet Novalis from my book Translucid. “In his texts, Novalis had been on the trail of this tantric sensuality — for example, with the mystical Blue Flower in Heinrich von Ofterdingen, a transcendent experience of love, he writes:
‘The sex organs (are) the highest external organs which constitute the transition from the visible to the invisible organs. A gaze — (speech) — a touch — a kiss — a touch of the breast — taking hold of the genitals — the embrace — these are the rungs on the ladder on which the soul descends; to this is opposed another ladder on which the body ascends — toward the embrace. (…) Soul and body touch in this act. — chemical — or galvanic — or electric — or fiery — The soul devours the body (and digests it?) instantaneously — the body conceives the soul — (and gives birth to it?) instantaneously’ (Novalis, Miscellaneus, 23)” as quoted in my book Translucid, Oaxaca, 2019, page ….).

The Romantics, in the wave of European Transcendental Philosophy, tried to bridge through beauty the earthly experience with a spiritual existence, in some cases clinging to strong religious or spiritualist believes. Houellebecq refers in his interview to the French thinker Joris-Karl Huysmans who saw beauty as a reason to believe in a divine consciousness – or, to be religious. And then, take Islam. The ecstatic beauty in Islamic art, the importance of beauty in Islamic believe as written about by contemporary German author Navid Kermani in his book “God is beautiful”. Look at arquitecture like the Alhambra. Nowhere in Islam the transition between the world of physical beauty and the spiritual realm becomes more evident than in the dance as Persian poet Rumi describes it. Dance is the transformation of the animalistic rhythmic erotic drive into the bliss of ecstasy and altered states of consciousness in frequencies such as Gateway Experiences allow – the same ecstasy as expressed in the tantric dances of India and the ecstasy which lucky lovers of all cultures can experience in the highest stages of consciousness induced by erotic delivery.

Today we are lucky to see two disciplines of hard science that may allow us to finally partly explain to ourselves what it is that we experience as transcendent, as the spiritual realm. We might see that at the origin of all religious endeavors worldwide stand the same experiences of ecstasy, bliss, love, beauty and awe – and we might acknowledge the nature of cosmic reality as a spiritual one. Take all of this together, and read now a quote by the writer of the above mentioned CIA Document on Gateway Experiences.

“3.) Niels Bohr, the renowned physicist once responded to this son’s complaints about the obtuse nature of certain concepts in physics by saying: ‘You are not thinking, you are merely being logical.” The physics of altered human consciousness deals with some conceptualizations that are not easily grasped or visualized exclusively in the context of ordinary ‘left brain’ linear thinking. So, to borrow Dr. Bohr’s mode of expression, parts of this paper will require not only logic but a touch of right brain intuitive insight to achieve a complete comfortable grasp of the concepts involved. Nevertheless, once that is done, I am confident that their construction and application will stand up to the test of rational critique.
4.) Paradoxically, having gone to such great lengths to avoid trying to render judgements based on an occult or dogmatic frame of reference in the end I found it necessary to return, at least briefly, to the question of the impact of the Gateway Experience on common belief systems. I did so because although it was essential to avoid attempting to render an assessment in the context of such systems, I felt it was necessary after having completed the analysis to point out that the resulting conclusions do not do any violence to the fundamental mainstream of either eastern of western belief systems. Unless that point is clearly established, the danger exists that some people will reject the whole concept of the Gateway Experience in the mistaken belief that it contradicts and is therefore alien to all that they hold to be right and true.
5.) This study is certainly not designed to be the last word on the subject but I hope that the validity of its basic structure and of the fundamental concepts upon which it is based will make it a useful guide …..” Quote signed by Wayne M. Mc Donnell, from CIA Document, see CIA Document on ambihemispherical awareness, posted
by Translucidmind | Dec 18, 2020 | Latest News Neuroscience

How might the 2020 equivalent of the above quoted CIA secret research paper look like? Not to imagine. Most important information on our human consciousness and the nature of reality is being fed to strategic artificial intelligence – but hidden away from humanity in their struggle to understand their spiritualist fantasies and religious wars (spiritualist groups are at times as exclusive and intolerant towards other believes as are fundamental religions). It’s time to catch up at least to the information disclosed in 2003 and every other piece of science on the topic available at this moment and happily work with it in an ambihemispherically holosophic manner.

What an exciting outlook on humanity’s future.

Copyright by Susanne Steines, 21 of December 2020