Translucidmind Works


Easy exercise developed with key insights from neuroscience studies, deep meditation and bioenergetics. Minimum time required: 5 minutes. Especially recommended to do early in the morning and late at night.

Follow the steps as described:

  1. Sit comfortably and relax
  2. Take of gentle breath
  3. Exhale all the air from deep down in your lungs, as long as you can, loosening muscles in chest and lower belly – until you feel your pelvis
  4. Now take a deep breath and keep breathing slowly and deeply
  5. Focus your eyes on the lightest spot in front of you, or on an inner vision of a sun that breaks through fog
  6. Roll your eyesballs up as high as you can – just as if you wanted to see the top of your scull (you might feel your sinus frontalis at this moment)
  7. Keep your eyeballs there, keep the vision of the light there, keep breathing and close your eyes.
  8. Keep breathing slowly and deeply. Keep your eyeballs rolled up. As you focus on the light inside your upper skull, you create a circuit of energy with your breath between your upper head and your pelvis.
  9. Keep doing so focusing on the light. You still see the light inside? Keep your eyes rolled up. 
  10. Keep doing this exercise and smile. 
  11. Your brain will now release a perfect mix of neurotransmitters.
  12. Keep doing this exercise as long as you enjoy.
  13. Once you reopen your eyes, your vision on the space around you has changed.
  14. Try to keep this vision throughout your day. Repeat exercise whenever you like.

02.03.2020 Copyright Susanne Steines