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15:00 pm Mexico Republica del Salvador, Edmonton,
16:00 pm Colombia Ecuador Peru Jamaica, Winnipeg
17:00 pm Venezuela, Cuba,Bolivia, Washington, Toronto, New York
18:00 pm Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Sao Pablo
19:00 pm Saint Pierre, Grytviken
20:00 pm Cabo Verde, Sidney
21:00 pm Londres, Irlanda Portugal Sengal Virginia
22:00 pm Alemania, Italia, España, Francia, Suecia, Noruega, Belgica, Rep Checa
23:00 pm Grecia, Libano, Ucrane, Kenia
00:00 am Rusia, Irak, Uganda
01:00 am Victoria دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة
02:00 am Afganistán, Turkmenistán
03:00 am भारत गणराज्य, India, Nepal,
04:00 am Tailandia, Indonesia, Vietman
05:00 am Hong Kong, Singapur, Filipinas, Malasia
06:00 am Japon,Korea: 대한민국, 조선민주주의인민공화국,
07:00 am Nueva Guinea, Guåhån
08:00 am Sidney, Port Vila, Honiara, Numea,Palikir
09:00 am Fiji, Tarawa,Canberra, Majuro
10:00 am New Zeland, Samoa
11:00 am Samoa, Hawai
12:00 pm Aleutian Island,
01:00 pm Alaska
02:00 Pm Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles,

Thought directs energy. What are we focusing our thoughts on in these weeks? Fear, frustration, darkness, despair? Or rationality, light, empathy, love, hope, a constructive vision for our future world? It is up to us, every one of us. Focusing on light and lightness is not a religious exercise nor does it need any religious motive. It just means to synchronize our brain with the most constructive energies available in the quantum cosmos:

“Quantum physics is researching phenomena that leave no other option than to call even the material world just made up of agglutinations of energetic possibilities actualized in a certain moment.”

We are responsible for the energy of our thoughts and on which energetic possibilities for our world we chose to focus on.